Disclaimer: Oresuki Wiki staff are not related to the staff of  Barnum Studio, Connect, Aniplex, Movic, Tokyo MX, Q-Tec, Docomo Anime Store, BS11, Straight Edge, Kadokawa, and possess no influence or privileges related to any official Oresuki works or production.

The Oresuki Wiki Staff consists of Bureaucrats, Administrators and Moderators who manage the wiki's content and layout. Members are responsible for consistent software maintenance and regulating the wiki to uphold its policies.

To find out more about how to become a staff member, please consult an admin for further inquiries.

List of Staff Edit

The following is a list of current staff in order of rank and seniority.

Name Position Discord
FortressMatsuri Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin N/A
MrCents 04 Admin MrCents#2078
1l3ikw4ffl5 Content Moderator N/A
Sztama927 Content Moderator N/A

Additionally, Neffyarious is the Wiki Manager for Oresuki Wiki.

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