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Sakura Akino (秋野 桜 Akino Sakura), nicknamed Cosmos (秋桜), is a main character in Oresuki. She is a third year High School student and the Student Council President who was in love with Taiyo Oga. After some events, she is in love with Amatsuyu Kisaragi.


Cosmos is a mature-bodied young woman with classic-length light-purple hair that has two small flower-shaped hairclips by her ears, darkish-purple eyes and she is known throughout the school for her beauty.

Kabuten Dress


Cosmos's Kabuten dress

For the Hundred Flower Festival's Kabuten dance, Cosmos wore a long dress with a gradient color, white on the top, pink in the middle and a purple trim at the bottom. She also wore white gloves and a pink headband with a flower in the middle of it.

Aqualand Swimsuit

At the pool, Cosmos wore a purple bikini and also had her hair tied back into a ponytail.


Cosmos is a hardworking and proper girl who is very organized and is always on time, if not early, to everything.[1] She always carries her notebook, which she writes in frequently to make notes and plans.

Cosmos's whole demeanor changes when she is nervous, especially around Sun (Cosmos' crush). When she gets nervous, she panics when speaking, which leads to her saying the wrong thing, and she sometimes even talks like a cat-girl unintentionally.[2] She has something of a coping mechanism to suppress her panic when speaking, in which she talks like an Edo-era samurai.[3]






Cosmos exposing Asunro's scheme

Organization - Cosmos is very organized and she is rarely late to any meeting. She uses the notebook she always carries to take notes and make meticulous plans. However, she appears to be helpless if she hasn't planned for a certain scenario.

Deduction - Cosmos is very good at deductive reasoning, which is shown when she was able to completely see through Asunaro's scheme, one that even fooled Joro, and expose her true intention.[4]


  • Sakura's nickname is formed by removing the kanji "野" from her name leaving 秋桜 (Akizakura - Autumn Cherry Blossom) which is also commonly read by its English name as Cosmos.
  • Cosmos is a genus of sunflower.


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