W-Why is that Bench here?

Amatsuyu Kisaragi

The Bench (ザベンチ) is a recurring element in the series, acting as an omen of ill luck, especially to Joro, thus serving as an indirect antagonist of sorts.


The bench is a white wooden bench with gold painted handles. It is regularly used when a confession occurs, mostly towards Joro, which typically results in a disastrous outcome for him as the confessions received in the bench fundamentally disrupt his "love comedy protagonist" plans.

The bench has appeared in normal places such as parks, but has also (and more commonly) appeared in other nonsensical places, such as the school library,[1] or even the school roof,[2] with little explanation of how it got there. Regardless, because of all the misfortune endured whenever the bench is close by, Joro is painfully aware that any such time in which it is around, equals trouble.


  • Cosmos "confesses" to Joro that she is in love with Sun, ruining his plans with a romance with her.
  • Himawari "confesses" to Joro that she is in love with Sun, ruining his plans with a romance with her.
  • Pansy confesses to Joro that she is in love with him and blackmails him into spending the lunch break with her, adding chaos into his scheme to date the loser from the Cosmos-Himawari-Sun triangle.
  • Sun "confesses" to Joro that he is in love with Pansy,[3] further complicating his plans which temporarily ruins his social reputation.
  • Asunaro "confesses" to Joro that she believes him to be a womanizer, and threatens to publish a damning article unless she is allowed to follow him to find proof of his innocence.[4]
  • Tanpopo “confesses” to Joro that she wants Sun and Pansy to be a couple.


  • In anime, its appearance is always accompanied by a leitmotif that takes cues from the Imperial March theme from Star Wars.
  • Joro isn't the only victim of the bench, as Sun too did experience misfortune when he was sitting in this bench.



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